Grizzly Logistics is a dynamic and growing trucking company that offers an exciting and rewarding career opportunity in the transportation industry. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our employees' professional development and well-being, as well as our dedication to providing exceptional service to our clients. Working with Grizzly Logistics means you will be part of a team that values integrity, teamwork, and innovation.



Dedicated Route Flatbed Driver
Flatbed Owner Operator


Gage Graham

I've been in the industry for a little over three years! It was something that I got into by chance but it's something I truly enjoy as there is always more to learn and no day is the same.

Jessica Johnson

Jess here! I've been in logistics since 2021 and while that doesn't seem very long I've taken on a lot in that time and have loved working with Grizzly. I've been on both sides of the industry from running a fleet to covering loads which has given me a great understanding of what it costs to keep your tires moving and freight delivered!

Wes Stewart

Thank you for choosing Grizzly Logistics for all of your transportation needs! I take pride in making sure we have a team of professionals who portray themselves as if they were the owner of the company. Traditional trucking styles are something of the past which is why I make a valiant effort to get drivers home to their families on a weekly basis. Looking for a career in the trucking industry? Give us a call!

Caiden Sanford

I have been dispatching and working with both carriers and customers the entire couple of years I have worked in logistics. I am passionate about building solid relationships with anyone involved with Grizzly Logistics, and understand the importance of transparency, patience, and self-sufficiency in this industry. I will always put my best foot forward with any needs that you may have.